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Movies that will reaffirm your dreams and illusions

In life, fighting for what one believes is the essence of oneself. Reaching a dream is a challenge in which each step to make it a reality involves growing to be oneself. But we are not always strong enough. This list shows you for those days when you feel the low spirits, when your strength fails, 15 movies123 films that will reach your soul so you can fight to make your dreams come true.

1.Begin Again

Gretta, who is dedicated to music, is going through a difficult separation with her beloved boyfriend. A chance encounter in a bar with Dan, former director of a record label, will change his life. Together they decide to record their own independent album. And even though they do not have the money, neither the musicians nor the instruments, they do not despair and they begin to compose. And all of New York becomes a recording studio for them.

2.Coach Carter. Coach Carter

This film, based on real events, tells the story of an incredible school basketball team and its excellent coach. Ken Carter makes an unexpected decision for all: the coach forbids players to go out to the field until their grades improve in all subjects. This act will cause both the approval of some and the harsh criticism of others.

3.I want to be like Beckham. Bend It Like Beckham

Jess, 18, enjoys soccer since childhood, but her family believes that a girl of good family of Indian origin should not play with the ball in the yard with the neighborhood kids. However, Jess will be seen by a coach who decides to introduce her to a real women's soccer team. The girl will have to demonstrate all her courage and courage to teach everyone that she is worthy of achieving her dreams.

4.All are well. Everybody's Fine

After the death of his beloved wife, Frank decides to visit all his children who live in different states. During an impromptu trip through their homes, he discovers unexpected and interesting things about his family. Special mention deserves the cast of the film with Robert De Niro, Drew Barrymore, Kate Beckinsale and Sam Rockwell.

5.The salmon fishing in Yemen. Salmon Fishing in the Yemen

The original title of the film, "The salmon fishing in Yemen", transmits more accurately the plot of this film. A mysterious Arab sheik offers Dr. Alfred Jones (played by a charming Ewan McGregor) an absurd idea, from the scientific point of view: organize sports competitions of salmon fishing in Yemen. Sincere, atmospheric, true ... a fascinating movie with inexplicable magic from the first minute that does not release the viewer until the final credits.

6.Wimbledon Love is at stake

Lizzie, a young American tennis star. Peter, an athlete who concludes his career without much success, and receives a unique opportunity of destiny to play for the last time in the prestigious Wimbledon tournament. Lizzie and Peter live in different worlds, but in a few weeks, during the tournament, they surprisingly connect and fall madly in love. The wonderful feelings will help the losing sportsman to win match by match to climb higher and higher in the tournament table.

7.A true story The Straight Story

Alvin Straight, 70, learns that his brother, with whom he had no contact for many years, had suffered a stroke. Alvin does not have a driving license, so he decides to carry out a very adventurous act: the old man buys a lawn mower and embarks on a great journey through some states. In his adventure he will live unexpected encounters, receive the help of good people and finally meet with his brother.

8.It's never too late to fall in love. Last Chance Harvey

Harvey is divorced and he is not young at all. He leads a boring and ordinary life, without anything special, every day is similar to the previous one. But, one day, at the airport, he meets a woman named Kate, with whom they agree on many things, even though they do not even know each other. A great duo, a unique couple of actors with Dustin Hoffman and Emma Thompson, which gives a clear touch of special romanticism and elegance to this wonderful film.

9.Goool! The movie Goal!

Santiago Munez is a typical Mexican immigrant, a gardener who has just arrived at the end of the month. But the young Santiago has a beautiful dream for which he is willing to make any sacrifice: become a professional footballer. Fate wanted the young man to travel to England, where he was offered a single opportunity to prove his worth. The film will be of interest, not only for football fans, but also for all those who, like the protagonist, are capable of dreaming.

10.Alexander and the terrible, horrible, frightening, horrible day

Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day On the eve of his birthday, Alexander asks that his family live, at least for a day, his life, so that, finally, they become aware of how bad it is happening. As a result, the next morning, everything in his family's home starts to turn "upside down". How to spend that awful day when the father has an important interview, the daughter has the premiere of her play, and the son must pass the driving test and become the king of the graduation party? This family comedy makes anyone happy.